Something New

flowerI decided a few weeks ago I wanted to try something new. I wanted to try working with polymer clay. I’ve never worked with clay except some ceramics-type clay back in junior high once, so didn’t have any idea really what to expect. The guys were at a concert last night, so I went to Tracy’s to hang out with her, eat delicious Thai food, watch silly stuff, and for her to teach me about the clay. She showed me a few things, like how to work the clay through the pasta machine, and how to handle it, and then she gave me a project to work on. Its a terrible photo but I made this cute little flower and vine enveloped mirror disc to wear as a pendent.

Working with the clay was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, though it probably didn’t hurt I watched a ton of videos over the last few days in preparation. I’ll try to get a better photo when I finally have an actual camera again. I finally got home at about 2:30am, way after Mattie got home.

This afternoon I went out and did some shopping. I ended up going to several stores, most more than once, and finally finding all the things I was looking for after comparing prices both online and off.



At Target I came out with a package of baby wipes, since they get the clay off of your hands better than anything else, and a stacking trio of boxes, one with a tray inside, to store my tools I had yet to buy and to store my unopened clay in. I love Sterilite’s storage options and I use tons of them in my craft room from everything from bead tool storage to pattern storage to fabric storage. All but about $0.95 was covered at Target by a git card.

The pasta machine I got at the Kitchen Collection store in the outlet mall, and at Harbor Freight (which is almost next door to it) I got the set of 6 double-ended tools. The Exacto blade and the tissue blades I got from Micheal’s after I looked for the tissue blades at Harbor Freight but they didn’t have them. The pasta machine was on sale, so that was nice too.



The stacking containers turn out to be the perfect size and shape and I was able to place all four blocks of clay I have no into one section and put my little cookie cutters into another. (I didn’t keep the packaging for the cookie cutters- it was just easier to show them off in the pic that way.)

Later on this evening, I saw Joann’s had $0.01 shipping today and tomorrow for the holiday, and they had clay on sale down from $2.49 to $1.87 per package. I went ahead and ordered a few more blocks in different colors since I had a few bucks left, part of which was covered by my gift card I had for there. That will give me a bunch of colors to work with. 🙂 I want to get my cookie cutter shapes, but that can wait. 🙂