New Look

Simplicity New Look 6816 View B

Simplicity’s New Look 6816 View B was one of the quickest patterns I’ve sewn recently, even with me making some changes to the construction methods. The top is literally made out of  pieces- front, two backs, arm bands, and neck band. I think McCall’s 6400 was the only one I’ve put together faster, and that’s because it literally has 2 pieces.



The fit of this top is kind of blousey, with full sleeves brought in a bit by armbands, and while I do wish it were a few inches longer overall I am very happy with it. My fabric choice was a good one, and the fit is super comfortable. I can definitely see myself making this top again in a different fabric.


The instructions called for the neckband to be attached folded in half and stitched down, and then pressed outward, which would result in a raw edge on the inside. I opted instead to make more work for myself and attach the neck band like it was an edge binding, and did the same with the arm bands. Of course that made me have to practice my stitch in the ditch, which went fairly well, but not as good as it could have. I believe there was a similar treatment given to the arm bands but I honestly didn’t read that far into the directions.With the mods I made and also taking the actual directions into consideration, I can give this pattern a solid five stars in all aspects. This is a great pattern for the beginning sewer to start with, with very little special knowledge needed to put it together and would be even easier if the directions were followed instead of being modified as I did.

Some New Arrivals Coming Soon

I wanted to get some new tops patterns and after browsing the Simplicity site, I found several basic tops that I could make in different fabrics, as well as a dress pattern that had a detail I could not say no to. I ended up ordering 5 patterns while their $3.99 sale was on, and will be happily awaiting their arrival. These are the new ones I ordered.



New Look 6816 I want to make the view the model is wearing, with the mid-length gathered sleeves.

New Look 6838 I want to do the one shown in stripes (and I might even use a striped knit for it- I love stripes!) and maybe the sleeveless shell. I’m not liking the slight v-neck on the other top at all.

Simplicity 1716 I like the one modeled in purple stripes with the slight cowl neck. If I’m not careful, I am going to have ten cowl-necked tops and dresses in my closet.

Simplicity 1612 is a dress I have instantly fallen in love with. The keyhole back actually appears to be twisted, and I can see this as a nicer dress depending on the fabric in the longer length as well.

Simplicity 1613 I actually tried to win on eBay the other day, but was hugely outbid at the last second. I want to do the mid-length sleeve off the shoulder variation of it.

I also ordered a year’s membership for Club BMV, which in my cart showed as being $4.99 after a $5 coupon, but it actually charged me $9.99, so I sent an email to them asking for an explanation, and hopefully a partial refund. The cart showed my total as $4.99 and it showed $4.99 at PayPal, but my receipt says $9.99. :angry:

Tomorrow (well today when you read this) I’ll hopefully be working on my current project in my craft room after the veggie delivery comes. Maybe I’ll have soemthing to show you at the end of the day. :sideways: