1980’s Here We Come!

I donated some stuff to the thrift store yesterday, giving them some previous cut sewing patterns I had in my shop, as well as some large fabric scraps and remnants I had that I wanted to destash and weren’t selling. I figured I’d take a look around while I was there, and I picked up 11 sheets of craft felt (all different colors) for $0.10 a sheet. I’m not sure what I will use it for but sure it will come in somewhere.

I wasn’t quite ready to go home yet so I went to the thrift store in the outlet mall and I struck hilarious, wonderful gold. The first thing I found was an old 1960’s copy of Simplicity Sewing Book, which aside from yellowed and a few loose pages, is in amazingly good condition. Its full of helpful hints for basic garment construction, and tips and instructions for various sewing and finishing techniques. The book retailed originally for $0.75!

I also found 6 old issues from 1986 – 1987 of Knitting Elegance Magazine, and that’s what this post is really about. To say the sweater designs are dated is an understatement, and most of them feature big boxy shapes, wide, padded shoulders, and wild color blocking with a lot of randomly shaped patches of angora yarn. Apparently angora yarn was ridiculously popular as a luxe feature in sweaters.

Anyway, I took photos of some of the more crazy styles and I’m sharing them here with you. Let’s begin!



This one features what looks like entrelac,though I honestly don’t know much about it and the patterns for most of these are charted, and I have no idea how to read the charts.



Huge puffy sleeves? Check! Open “cold shoulder? design? Why yes! Angora fuzz on only part of the sweater? Absolutely!



Crazy space-age props like metallic gloves and crazy updo’s and sunglasses? We got ’em!



Wild color blocking and yet another appearance of the fuzzy angora yarn in random places.



I guess this one isn’t so terrible, but with the dress it just stands out as… well, I’m not really sure.



More color blocking, what looks like fake fur or some sort of novelty yarns, and Dolman sleeves. I’d honestly wear this one if it was a solid color.



Another appearance of the angora yarn shoulder! Also, a lot of bangles. Many, many bangles.



This is the only men’s sweater to make the cut. The coloration is just weird and trying too hard to be artsy, and that V-neck and no shirt underneath looks like this guy is a major… um… my professionalism prevents me from saying what on this blog. Sorry!



This one I think actually has a nice simple shape but those cables everywhere kill it for me. It makes this girl look bulky and she’s not. The weird contrast around the neckline looks odd too to me.



Last one. Big, bulky, square, probably padded shoulders, and is she holding something across her body or is there something really weird going on with her skirt? I honestly can’t tell!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blast into the 1980’s and loved all its sweater glory! There are a few patterns in the Summer issue I do actually love and would like to try to make. <3