M6489 – I’m on a Roll!

Today I was still feeling great after whipping out V1235 without any major issues, and having it turn out so well, I decided to hunt through my fabric stash and my patterns and see what else I could make. I wanted to use another knit as I’m enjoying them and want to get a better feel for working with them, so first I looked to see how many large pieces of what knit fabrics I actually had. I have several yards of a white fabric with I think birds on it which I think might make a cute long sleeved shirt from a vintage Quik Sew pattern I have, and a lot of badly cut white and black leopard print with gold metallic highlights. There was about two yards of the leopard print one, but parts of it was cut out in chunks seemingly at random (yes I did that and no I don’t know why!). I found the pattern for M6489, which called for about 1 7/8th yards of fabric. I knew the only way I’d know if it would work was to cut the pieces and see if they fit, and amazingly they did.

I laid out my pieces, using some very creative fabric folding. I needed to have two folded edges to accommodate all the pieces but I didn’t have enough length to do it, so I opened the piece up all the way, and folded both edges in towards the center. That let me fit all of my big pieces in, leaving a square about 20″ by 20″ left, and some oddly shaped scraps with I cut the pocket and back strap pieces from to make the most of my fabric.m6489b-632x1024


I actually followed the directions for every step except for one. They wanted an elastic casing made for the waist but it seems weird and difficult, so I made the waist casing using a method I figured out some time ago on my own. The dress actually has a very pronounced cowl neck front and back, but or some reason its not really showing up in the front view photo. The back photo shows much better how it is front and back.


I still need to hem it, which i will be doing shortly. It will be a pretty narrow hem as I like the length like it is, and I know because its a knit I don’t have to hem it, but the tiny bit of unevenness is driving me crazy now that I’ve worn it almost all day. I do love the fact that both this dress and yesterday’s dress have pockets- I hate having dresses without pockets. Where am I going to put my phone or my keys if I don’t want to drag my purse around?

And yes- I am aware my feet are dirty. Really dirty. I was playing with the dogs barefoot in the dirt prior to this. 🙂

Ease of directions star5
Looks like picture star5
True to size star5
Ease of construction star5
Overall Rating star5
Skill Level BEGINNER