McCall’s 6400 View B

I’ve had it on my sewing bucket list to work with knits. I’ve got yards and yards of knit fabrics, and several patterns that are made for knits. But I’ve been terrified to try sewing them without a serger, and buying a serger isn’t something that’s likely to happen any time soon. I had asked around from different bloggers who have sewn quite a few knit projects, watch YouTube videos, read tutorials and tips. Then two days ago I said to hell with it and just jumped in.

I chose McCall’s 6400 for my first knit pattern because its simple. The pattern for view B has two pieces- front, and back. I figured the less pieces there are, the less chances there will be for me to really muck things up.

Cutting was easy enough though I did have to make an effort to not allow the fabric to stretch while I was cutting it, and sewing was simple too. I used a straight stitch and stretched the fabric as I sewed it. The only thing that I’m not completely happy with was the hemming. The fabric was a little slick and some of my hemming is a bit wonky, but the print is so busy its really hard to see it.


I’m not totally crazy about the style of this time- its weird and asymmetrical and if you ask me plain old wonky, but everyone else, boyfriend included, really seem to like it. And it was a good choice for my first knit, so I’m going to wear the shit out it. :mrgreen: