M5165 – Again? Really?

I know how many little dog coats can I make this year with M5165? I’ve made what, three in the last few months? I made another one tonight, this one for my Mom’s little dog for Christmas. It was its own challenge and I really hope it fits her as the dog in question is very overweight, and I had to heavily modify the pattern to (hopefully) make it fit. I added about 2 inches to the width of the coat, so it will come down a bit lower on her sides. By doing it this way, it gives the coat more coverage, but also meant I didn’t need to lengthen the belly straps as well. I also had to add multiple extra inches to the neck, which was done by simply extended that part of the coat outward a few inches on each side. The closures are still with velcro, but I used longer pieces than usual to allow for more adjustment in sizing.

The coat was done in two blue cotton prints- one which was a leftover from when I made a cute semi-peasant-styled top, and one which I had a fat quarter of that I picked up for some reason or other. The fat quarter was barely big enough to cut the coat and straps out of. Sandwiched between the two layers of cottons is a layer of insulated batting, and the entire thing was top-stitched with ice blue thread.

It looks good, but the true test will be on Christmas Eve when we see if it actually fits her or not. I’ll see if I can get some photos of it then when Moppie is wearing it.

I also did some beading this evening, finishing up a pair of earrings I started a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I’ll be repairing two t-shirts I have that have a hole forming in the underarm seam.

M5165 – A Few Times Over

I’ve done this pattern (M5165) before in the past in all three sizes, and its super quick and easy. Pretty much the worst that can happen with this pattern is you could stitch too close to the edge of the fabric and have a hole when you turn it. It really is almost completely mistake proof. I sat down and made two new small ones tonight, which I added to my Kittyloaf Designs shop, and plan on making another one tomorrow in the medium size. The one on the right is using a vintage fabric I got from my grandmother’s stash from when she used to sew her own clothes years ago, and the underside is just cotton broadcloth.

I ended up using one of my stuffies for a model as I don’t have access to a dog of that size here at home, and it actually worked out pretty well. It doesn’t run around or try to take off the coat!

I’m planning on doing some beadwork tomorrow afternoon and running some errands outside of the house, but want to make the other one of these, and maybe start on my bathrobe (M5348) I’ve been stalling on. I’m also hoping to go through the sewing patterns I recently acquired and pulling out the ones I want to sell, and getting them listed on my site as well. Listing the ones I’m keeping here in my library is going to be a huge project that may take several days to complete- I have roughly 50 new patterns to catalog and photograph.

I also have to go pick up some fabrics from the post office tomorrow and assuming they are correct, stitch up two zippered pouches for a friend’s daughters. That will be a really quick and easy project that should hopefully be completely pain-free and easy. I was going to link you to the tutorial that showed me how to sew these bags initially, but I can’t see to find it now and must have deleted the bookmark.

One thing at a time, right?