What I Did on Tuesday

What I did on Tuesday… in pictures.



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I did a few other things as well Tuesday, like separating my buttons roughly by color, and today I’ll be deciding what to do with another small box of patterns I dug up in my craft room while I was cleaning up, as well as finishing up the twin to the comic book purse, cutting out my cousin’s daughter’s tablet case pieces, and working on re-doing my friend’s Kindle case that I screwed up. I also may be making a clutch from a new pattern I just came up with, but not sure yet. At the very least I’d like to do some cutting for future sewing.

6″ Kindle Case is Done!

After some trial and error, including some really silly ones I should have expected, I finally have a 6″ Kindle case ready to be added to my shop, and hopefully a few more than this one.

One of the biggest problems I was having with the first version of this case was that there was so much bulk in the seams from the padding that a Kindle wouldn’t actually fit inside it. I solved that by added a little height and width to the pattern, as well as trimming down the seams of the lining and padding significantly after stitching them. I also cut a 1/2″ off of the bottom of the padding to allow a closing seam to be sewn in the bottom lining of the case after turning, something I was having extreme difficulty with before.

I just used some scrap fabric I had on hand for this one, but I think it turned out really cute. The only thing left to do is get a package of snaps to use to fasten the flap down. I briefly considered a button but it seems too time consuming to get in and out of the case, having to undo both a button and a zipper.

One thing I will change in the future on these is the construction method- I will stitch all layers going onto each side of the zippers at once to make sure there’s only one seam line and no visible stitches later on, but that’s fairly easy to do. Its how I did the zippers for the zippered pouches I made last year.

The only difference between this one and the one that was actually ordered will be some piping along the outer seam. I’m waiting on my piping foot to arrive still, but its here in town already so I’m expecting it tomorrow.