I Love My Fans, But…

I love those of you that are fans of my work. I absolutely do. And I love giving back and helping those who need it. But there are some things that are not going to work in your favor if you want me to donate an item to your cause.

I received a message today via the Kittyloaf Designs facebook page asking me to donate am item for a charitable auction. I (snarkily , I admit) said no because of how this person approached me.

I understand when you’re trying to solicite donations you might not be familiar with the work a given person does. I really do understand. It’s time consuming to take a few minutes to look into a potential donor. But be honest. Don’t make statements assuming you know what someone makes or sells and boldly state that you know this is what they create. If you’re wrong, you’ve just started your new relationship with this person whom you want to help you by boldly lying to them. And since you were so eager to lie to me about researching my work, why should I trust that your charitable auction is even a thing?

For the record, despite the name, Kittyloaf Designs does not specialize and solely make and sell cat products. In fact, in the more than ten years Kittyloaf Designs had been around, I’ve only done two cat related things, neither of which were ever in my shop. One was a personal project and was the early inspiration for Kittyloaf, and the other was a jewelry commission.

So… Please, feel free to ask me about your charitable things, but be honest. Nothing peeves me more than a lack of truth, especially when we first met. I love giving back, but if I don’t feel I can trust you, it’s not going to happen.