Butterick 5011 View B

B5011-frontWay back in September of last year, I sewed View A of this pattern, and while it was cute, and I loved my fabric, it had a horrible saggy back which I now think the only way to fix it is to tear it down, interface the back panel, and add elastic inside of the panels. Its just not a good top for me, and I don’t think my fabric choice had much to do with it. :getlost:

Our friends Tracy and David are having a BBQ next weekend and Tracy suggested attire or bad Hawaiian shirts and the like. I decided I’d go with the Hawaiian theme, but I was going to make an awesome shirt, not a horrible one. I had this absolutely beautiful red and white hibiscus flower fabric in my stash, but after washing it, there was barely 1 2/3 yards of it, so I knew that would limit what I could use it for. I actually got this fabric back in about 1994 while shopping at Joann’s with my grandmother and intended to make a dress with it. I still have that dress pattern, but there’s no way I’m going to see my 12 or 13 years old body again. :tongue:

Butterick 5011 View B of this pattern was my one top pattern that used the least amount of fabric, and the only reason I was able to cut all the pieces for this was because the print is largely non-directional, so I could place the pieces any way they would fit. Even so, it was a close thing. I cut all the pieces yesterday, making it a size smaller than when I sewed view A, and today I spent about two hours actually stitching it up.
The only pace I wandered from the directions was where it said to slipstitch the opening left in the shoulder strap after stitching the tops of the straps together. I busted out my best matchy-matchy thread and just turned the edges in and top stitched it there. I though about top stitching the whole thing but really the thread match is good enough its barely noticeable.


If I make this pattern again, I will be leaving out the waist ties. I get that they are there to give the garment some shape as it has to be loose to get it on as its a woven, but they’re kind of annoying and honestly I can’t decide if I should tie them in the front or the back, wrap them all the way around me, or not.



Other then the weirdness of the waist ties, the pattern envelope did not lie- this top is super easy to sew.