ladybug musicI’ve been working on some new stuff and I have some things I did a while ago that I kept forgetting to share with you. As some of you might know, I play on pool league once a week and it can be tough to tell your stick bag apart from everyone else’s when they are all basically the same. I made this little charm for my back to mark it as mine and I also made another one for my ukulele case while I was at it. They’re just simple clay shapes stamped with rubber stamps. The ladybug one I painted before baking using dust from colored chalk pastels, and the other I painted with acrylic paints after baking. They were both super easy to make and there’s so many different things you could do with this idea.

I finally finished my triangle scarf that I have been waiting over a week to get the yarn to finish it. It figures I’d pick the one stash yarn I can’t buy anywhere around here when I needed more to finish! But it finally arrived yesterday and I was able to finish it this morning. I went crazy on the fringe though, but I really wanted to use up all of the yarn in that second skein and I did.


I think it turned out really pretty and its very wearable. Now if it will just get chilly enough so I can wear it!

I started this two days ago and I expect it will be finished before the week is over. When its done, it will say EAT SLEEP BUILD REPEAT and of course there is the little Lego guy head in there. When it’s done I will frame it and put it up in Mattie’s Nerd Cave on the wall and then he can have some themed decorations.


I really wish I could decorate my craft room, but the main wall is cement, being part of the garage, and nothing will penetrate it so I can’t hang anything unless I use stickies.

I’ve been sick with a terrible cold the last few days, but when I heard the local Friends of the Library were holding a book sale at our local library, I ventured out not once but twice to see what I could find. I felt like death but still went to look for new craft books. New craft books created a big pull to get out.

I was a little disappointed they only had 3 small boxes with craft and sewing books and magazines in them, but I managed to find these 7 to take home with me.

books1 books2 books3 books4And the best part is I paid an average of $0.40 a piece for them! They are all in pretty good condition, just some cover or dust jacket wear, and they all have some cool patterns in them.

I also got two cook books and a Gnomes book for my friend Tracy who little did I know was actually looking for that book! The cook books are on chicken and making stews and soups, two things we enjoy, and the Gnomes book is an art book, which after flipping through it, is pretty amusing.

I haven’t gotten much crafting done the last few days since I’ve been sick, but here are a few items from my shop you might have missed!

These are all handmade by me, and unique in that they won’t be made exactly the same every again. And who doesn’t love a unique handmade piece?

This first one is my Curse of the Sea Witch necklace. You can purchase it for $14.99 here. It features glass seed beads and crazy baroque freshwater pearls in two colors.

sea witch

This dyed orange turquoise butterfly set is super pretty and ready for Fall! It’s $16.99, and made up of stone butterflies, dyed orange turquoise, small crystals, and large vintage Japanese acrylic beads. The central focal bead is glass.


I hope you’re all having a great day today and are ready for the weekend! Happy Friday, and see you next time!

I’ve been sick this last week and while I’ve been curled up on the couch, I’ve started doing cross stitch. The first one I did I really liked, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then I thought why not stitch it into some fabrics, make a mini quilt, and stick it on the wall. Before I post it though, I warn you. Its wonky. Really, really wonky. But since the text on the cross stitch says


wallI figured some wonkiness would go long with the “be you” part- warts and all. I intentionally did not measure anything. I eyeballed stuff. I stitched. I trimmed. I eyeballed more stuff. I spent 3 hours on the couch hand sewing the binding on (three times!), learning how to do mitered corners properly, and running into a few problems along the way. I used my new Ginghers and sliced through my fabrics like they were made of butter. Warm butter. I may have stitched together even more scraps of fabric in colors I did not even need to use for this project. The only thing I measured was the back to find the center to stitch on a hanging loop at the end.

Anyway, here is my first finished cross stitch and my first quilting project. Its hanging on the wall in the house because Mattie declared it art and said it should hang where people could see it. :p

The darker colored stars are purple, as is the darker text, and the binding is also purple. I used fabric scraps from the cute zippered pouches I make, from a shirt I made for a baby, and from scraps leftover from clothing I made myself, as well as some vintage scraps.

Next time I will measure. Maybe not everything, but I’ll make sure my strips of pieces are trimmed up nice and that should help a bit. There will be a next time!