Some New Makes (And What Not to Do)

I applied for a spot at a craft fair and chili cook-off on December 5th at the Antelope Valley Indian museum. Its supposed to be chilly in the building things are help in and the chili cook-off is held outdoors and there’s also stuff going on around the campfire, so I’m hoping to sell some warm accessories!

I’m going to bring a plastic tub filled with scarves, and a few other items and label is $20 Each or 2 for $30. I have something like 13 or 14 scarves made up, plus a few other things I want to share now. I had this bright idea that some of The Crochet Crowd’s recent projects would be really fast and easy so I dove right in. Let’s start with the Christmas stocking. Its the cutest of my new makes and while it gave me a little grief I’m very pleased with it.


Cute, right? Its made from 17 same sized hexagons, carefully stitched together like this:


Then you just stitch up the side seams and you get this?


Seriously, follow the diagram and get the right shape! Learn from my example! LOL The first photo, my final result, shows it really is super cute and I loved my color choices. It also let me use up more stash yarn that was leftovers from other projects. This will be in my $20 tub.

Then I have these granny square slippers. I’m not sure what happened. They were supposed to be a lady’s medium but pretty sure they will fit a men’s 9 or even 10. They did use up almost all of my dark grey yarn though plus quite a bit of the spring green. They will be in the tub too.


I decided to pick up my knitting needles and try out this faux-cable scarf, which to my delight, when smoothly and without issue and the colors worked really well together.


Feeling good about these projects, I decided to crochet some mittens. I’ve never made mittens, but how hard could they be? I had the yarn picked out already- an ugly yarn made from sweatshirt fleece that is super soft and warm and just screamed mittens! I got started. I ran into several issues in the pattern. I made mistakes. I kept going. I had two weird ham-warmers with thumbs. This morning I frogged them back to the 4th row and started over, and ended up with actual mittens for hands instead of hams.


They’re not amazing, and that yarn makes them ugly as sin, but they will go to my craft sale booth too and if they don’t sell, I will donate them to thrift the following Monday.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m currently thinking about making another pair of mittens because I’ve not yet had my fill of torture this week. I hope you’re enjoyed these new makes, and I’ll have more to show you later on!

You Need More Yarn!

This is a conversation I had with Mattie a few days ago:

Me: You know I have the whole rainbow in Red Heart cheapie yarns including black and grey except white and brown.
Mattie: You should go buy more yarn.
Me: I need to use up some yarn first.
Mattie: You should go buy it now so you have it when you need it already.
Me: Stop encouraging me!
Mattie: I’m being supportive.
Me: I keep saying no more yarn until I use some. Them I buy a bunch more.
Mattie: But you have room for more yarn!

I’m pretty sure I have a yarn problem and Mattie is totally enabling me. I don’t think I really mind though and I like I needed to buy some yarn after we had the conversation. That led me to eBay (just to look of course!) and had me searching for lots of yarn. Maybe someone wanted to clean out their stash and had a mess of yarn with a cheap bid. It doesn’t hurt to look, right?



These are the six hanks of recycled silk sari yarn I ended up buying Monday night, which was shipped out Tuesday, and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Because I still don’t have a yarn swift, it was an exercise in tangles, but I finally got all six hanks neatly wound up into cakes. And as you can see, each cake is a different set of colors, though reds and oranges really dominate most of them. All the colors are lovely, and even the one cake that is more muted tones is so pretty! They are so gorgeous and I can’t want to find the right project to use them. So lovely!

What I’ve Made & New Items in the Shop

Over the last few days I’ve been making all sorts of things out of clay that were destined to be made into jewelry. Some of them I had definite ideas in my head about what I wanted to do, but others not so much. Last night and this afternoon I spent a few hours putting those ideas together. What did I end up with? Some pretty cool stuff!

7 of the 8 items pictured in the gallery above were made mostly from polymer clay. The last few days I have been making a ton of those little round, flat disks to make the bracelets, one pair of earrings, and the necklace, and I actually made too many- I still have about 50 of them left.

The two pairs of earrings at the beginning are a little different, but still polymer clay. They were so easy to make and the random splotchy designs are a lot of fun. My friend Tracy at Art Resurrected said they looked a bit fried eggs, so I ran with it. They are in the store listed as Eggcellent Earrings (in blue, and in yellow)!

I was also really happy to use that big black and silver focal beads in the green bracelet because I honestly had no idea what to do with it for ages. I had purchased it as part of a string of beads with a purpose in mind for 4 of them, but still had a few leftover, including it, and the black crystals and metal beads on either side of it.

Anyway, you can see all of these items in my shop- just click on the Jewelry category!

Playing the Matching Game

I have an absolutely gorgeous bracelet I made years ago, but didn’t quite finish. Unfortunately, between then and now, I sold off a large part of my bead stash, and got rid of some of the colors that I needed for it. I have two of the 4 colors of seed beads I was using for it, and I believe I still have more of the pink and yellow fire-polish beads (I think they are Czech fire-polish anyway) that I used as accents, but the other two colors I used on it are anyone’s guess.

I’m currently on my bead supplier’s website trying to decide what color the ones I need to finish this up are, but not having much luck narrowing it down to a final choice. One I have it narrowed down to three options, the other, I’m not even sure if the ones I am looking at are the right type of bead. I think it’s a color-lined bead, but I can’t tell if its a rainbow finish or not, and what if its a ceylon? I just can’t tell. I know, there are right in fornt of me, but one single bead of that color by itself is a mighty small sample to try to match from.

When my boyfriend comes in, I’m going to ask him what he thinks of the color. “Blue” is not taking me far enough in this, but I really want to finish this bracelet up so I can wear it with pride and not always feel like hiding the incomplete end under my wrist.

Upcoming Sewing Project

Not this week because I just bought a new dress for a wedding I am attending Saturday, but next week I plan to stop by Joann’s and pick up some fabric for this fantastic skirt project. I stumbled across it the other week, and the more I look at it, the more I want to go back and recreate it.

I won’t be using the rainbow color scheme, but am thinking starting black on the top, and working my way through the grey spectrum to end in a white layer on the bottom tier, and am thinking about edging it with a scalloped lace to finish it off.

The hard part will be finding enough different shades of grey to work my way through the spectrum, but the good thing will be I will only need a half a yard or so of each color. Hopefully I can find a good diversity of patterns to keep it interesting to the eye.

Not sure about the waistband yet, and what color I am going to do it- white would be a logical choice to balance the white bottom, but at the same time, I think it would also be a great time to add a color into it- maybe a black and red polka dotted fabric, or black and purple. Hard decisions abound!

I’ll be sure to take many photos of the progress once I get started and post them. Its been a while since I’ve had a fun sewing project to work on. Now if only I had a sewing machine here at the house.