An Interesting Method

elasticI have a skirt here belonging to someone else that I was asked to take the waist in a bit. Its an elastic waist, so I figured I’d open the casing, take up a few inches of the elastic, and close it up again. Instead, I opened it up and I see this (at left). I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but instead of making a casing, the manufacture folded the fabric over the elastic, and then stitched the fabric edge down through the elastic. This makes it pretty much impossible for the elastic to twist, but it also means that I had to rip out the entire waistband before I could take up the extra length of the elastic, and then I need to either create a casing, or I need to put it back together again in the same manner.

The good thing is it took only a few minutes more to tear out all the stitching, and I got to watch another episode of House while I did it.

This evening I have some other sewing work coming by (this time some shirts) and I’m hoping these will be more straight forward to fix than the skirt waistband has turned out.


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Playing Catch-Up With UFOs

I’ve been working on my UFOs the last few days trying t finish them up. What’s a UFO, you ask? A UFO is an Un-Finished Object, something us crafters probably deal with more than most other folks. In my case, I’ve only got a few, but its more than I want to have and my goal this week is to catch up and get all of them finished!

Most of my UFOs are clothing-related. I had a dress I attempted to make abut 3 years ago. I gained weight. I realized almost every piece of it was cut wrong. I gave up with it half constructed and threw it behind my sewing table where it sat until Thursday.

I had a skirt I cut the pieces for in September. It also sat, collecting dust, and not getting anywhere near done. I finished it on Friday, and despite having lots of buttons (my personal sewing bane) I made it through easily and pretty quickly.

I had a bathrobe (technically not a UFO because I never started on it) that I planned even before the second skirt. I cut and finished it on Saturday, and it turned out lovely! I love it!

And what did I do today? I finished the mate to a pair of pot holders I made (the first one of the pair) about 4 years ago. The style is really cute and very retro, but to be honest, its also a huge pain in the butt to make them, which is why I made one and never finished its mate. Its done too now. I honestly had an easier time making it then I thought I would though and am contemplating making a few more to try to sell. I’ll get a photo of it tomorrow.

I also made the mate to a pair of earrings I started a few weeks ago before being hit with the Christmas season beading rampage getting things ready for gifting. Those I will be photographing and adding them to my shop tomorrow some time in the Flowers & Plants section. They’re a pair of Stargazer lilies, in two shades of pink and white. They turned out pretty nicely but they aren’t my favorite earring creation to date.

I did some other sewing too for one of my Mom’s Christmas gifts, which I hope will work out- I asked her for measurements (its a coat for her fat little dog) and I had to modify the existing pattern quite a bit, but I think it will be fine. I did the coat in two shades of blue (both cotton prints) as blue is her favorite color, and used ice blue thread for the top stitching. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera out to her house on Christmas Eve and get photos of the dog wearing it.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring for me out in the craft room, but I’m thinking of trying something new this time. Maybe fleece mittens?