Bow Ties

What Have I Been Doing? Accessories

fauxtiegreen-256x3001-256x300I’ve been spending small bits of time sewing since you saw me with the brown top, but what have I been working on? I’ve been using up scraps left over from other projects! I’ve also ripped two past-made items apart and re-sewn them
in a neater, nicer fashion. I will be working on doing that to a few other items this week as well, starting with a purse I sewed a few years go in much too much of a hurry and did a sloppy job of cutting it as well. Here’s two of the 6 new items in my shop as of today!

There are now 7 faux-ties in my shop in various colors and patterns in the Accessories section, and probably will be a few more added in the coming days. Faux-ties are $4 each. I’m trying really hard to use up some of my larger scraps to some degree, though I know I will still have plenty to send to my friend Donna in a few short months. There is one other plastic bag dispenser in my shop as well- a pink one, both of which sell for $8 each.



The purse I mentioned above has nearly been reconstructed, but it still needs a few small details put in place, namely the closure. Its still not quite perfect, but it was the best I could do to fix it up, and honestly, the small imperfections are unlikely to be noticed at a casual look from other while you walk around with it. It will be discounted in my shop though because as I said, its not quite perfect.

I still need to add my purse pattern to my shop for those of you who’d like to make your own, and maybe I will create a quick how-to on making these faux-ties. I saw a tutorial somewhere for them years ago, so I can’t say its my design, but its a very basic design and super easy to put together in a few minutes.