Reversible Half CIrcle Skirt with Exposed Zipper

You ever get an idea, and even though it seems ridiculous, you just have to make it work? That’s what happened here with this half circle skirt. I was laying in bed, and all of a sudden I was like “Hey! Let’s make that next skirt reversible! That should be easy!” The next morning, after thinking about it all night it seems, I realized I would have to find an reversible zipper. My first stop was eBay to the seller I buy all my zippers from, usually in bulk. Then I tried Etsy. Then I went back to eBay. I realized at some point that if I wanted a reversible zipper, it was going to have to be a separating zipper, no problem except it would be exposed due to the nature of how separating zippers are, so I had to find one that actually matched. Do you know how hard it is to find a pink separating zipper? And to find one that is roughly the same length as your skirt? A little short would work, but longer would not unless I wanted to add another border to my skirt to increase its length to match. :getlost:


I finally found my zipper, paid almost $7 for it including shipping, and waiting for it to arrive. The arrival date on my purchases page said June 3rd. I waited, impatiently. I stared at my skirt. I worried whether or not it would work or if I just bought myself a really expensive zipper for no reason. Finally, today, 4 days ahead of schedule, it arrived. :kissing:


Amazingly, it not only worked, but it worked perfectly, and dude to the larger size of this zipper, it was much easier to sew in compared to an actual skirt zipper. My skirt is fully reversible, the two layers of cotton give it enough body that it kind of fakes having a crinoline, and I actually love how the zipper looks in it. Its definitely a modern twist on an old style, but I think it’s fab! :wub:


The zipper is a really bright pink- more like magenta, but it works. Its also about 2 inches shorter than my skirt, so there’s a small slit at the bottom where the zipper ends. You might also recognize my shirt as this one, just partially unbuttoned and tied in a knot. I was too lazy to change my shirt, so I just changed how it looked for the photos. :sideways: The only thing I don’t like about how the skirt turned out (and you can kind of see it in this last picture) is the bottom edge was a little wonky in the border fabric alongside the zipper. Other then that, I love it!

I also made something else today, but I’ll post that later on. :silly: