A Little Something New

I haven’t been doing a lot the last few weeks besides looking at project ideas and making parts of things to try our make. I did however finish this throw this morning and its so cozy and warm!

I used 11 7oz skeins of Bernat Mega Bulky in four different colors and it measures about 44″ x 55″.


Here’s a close-up of the cables. I didn’t count the rows between them – I just cabled on the first right side row of each new skein. It turned out pretty well though!


And as always, this sweet face was making sure I was doing things right.


More New Projects

I haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’ve been busy with my crochet, some knitting, and I started a new craft last night. Let’s start at the beginning though.

Let’s start with my Mickey blanket which I was only able to finish with the help of a really nice fellow yarn crafter who mailed me a few yards of the orange yarn I needed to finish. I didn’t want to buy a whole new skein of yarn for just 8 or 10 yards worth that I needed.

I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be doing with the Mickey blanket, but I suspect I will be gifting it to someone in the future. After that, I started a new blanket, and while I’ve done quite a bit on it, I want to make it bit enough to cover our Queen-sized bed, so I still have quite a ways to go. Here it is though with what I’ve finished so far.

More #crochet #blanket #progress. Still have a long way to go though. #redheart #yarn

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I’m hoping to have it finished in the new few weeks but it will be slow going, especially now that it takes me a good 40 minutes to do one round at this size.

I took a break from that blanket for a bit and knitted up this quick scarf, which turned out really really well and it’s definitely a keeper.

And last but not least, I decided last night to try out resin. I won a kit from a blog contest some time ago, and figured I’d give it a try. I wasn’t sure if the resin was too old or not, but figured worst case it didn’t set up and I’ve chalk it up to user error and if it happened again, to being bad resin. I placed some tiny seed beads into the molds and then poured my thoroughly mixed resin into it, letting it set up a bit before adding another sprinkling of beads. Then I left them to sit overnight and this morning I had this. I need to file down the edges a bit more because they are a little rough but all in all they turned out how I wanted.

I want to do more earrings but with tiny bits of threads in different colors embedded into them and I’d also like to create a light switch plate embedded with various tiny scraps of fabric. I can’t believe I never tried resin before this, it was so fun on my first try!

So all in all, I feel like this has been a pretty successful couple of weeks of crafting! I’m looking forward to more resin pours in my near future!

A Surprise for a Friend

Some odd weeks ago, I was texting my good friend Nikki who now lives in Washington and I showed her a blanket pattern I was considering making. She commented that she loved it and the next thing I knew, I was crocheting it for her without telling her. It was a baby blanket pattern that I worked to a larger size, and it was so easy to make once I found a video explaining the instructions a bit better.

I didn’t get any good photos of it really as I worked on it, but I do have this close up of it that shows the colors really well. I worked it up in Red Heart Super Saver yarns in Black, and Blacklight, and I used one entire Jumbo skein of black plus 3 regular sized skeins of Blacklight. The colors in Blacklight are truly neon and super bright.



Nikki shared this photo she took of the blanket after she received it (which is another story!) and posted it to Facebook where it got lots of compliments, which made me super happy! One of the points was a little odd center due to me not properly counting my stitches at the beginning but otherwise it turned out really well.



I’m planning on making another star blanket, but with more points next time, and in different colors. I’m thinking Pink Camo, Light Raspberry, and Aran. I was dying to share this one with you guys for weeks but had to wait until after Nikki had received it.

I was super worried she would never get it though. I dropped it in the mail one night and only after it went into the chute did I learn her phone had auto-corrected her mailing address into a street that does not even exist so I had no idea where her package would end up or if it would find its way back home. Luckily her mail carrier is stellar and figured out the correct address and delivered it to her!

And Now For The Knit Blanket!

I finally finished my knit blanket yesterday that I started in January. It took forever, mostly because I put it away and ignored i for weeks at a time, but it’s finally finished now and I’m glad. Its not as flashy and colorful as my crocheted blanket but its super warm, cozy, and very plush, and it’s going to be great in winter. I just wish now I had made it a little wider as its really only twin sized.



The brown bits in the teal yarn pooled in interesting ways and the places were it didn’t pool at all are neat too due to the garter stitch. The whole thing turned out well and I feel good for having completed such a large and time consuming project- I especially feel good because I finished it! Mattie was teasing me the other day about starting and not finishing things, which was what got me motivated to complete my two blankets quickly.

Yesterday I also started a small snuggle blanket for Jami’s daughter and finished it this morning. I’ll be meeting her today to get some other yarn and make up one for her little boy as well in different colors. I’m trying to use stash yarn rather than buy any more, but I need to get another color of the Bernat Blanket I’m using for Eric’s little blanket and I figure I can make a larger one of the same colors for myself for on the couch or something after I finish his to use up the rest of that yarn. It’ll just be a lap sized one I think with less than two of the big balls into it.

It’s Finally Finished (Crochet Blanket)

After exactly 6 weeks, I finished my second crochet project ever, my Granny Ripple blanket. This crochet blanket is just big enough for our queen sized bed. My original plan was to do 4 repeats of the rainbow but it turned out that 3 were enough. Aside from my foundation chain being too tight and it making my ripple a bit wonky on that edge, I had no issues with it and it turned out super well! A few suggestions were made about my foundation chain issues such as using a technique to use actual stitches for my foundation instead of a chain (forget what its called) or to go up a hook size when chaining.


I’m trying hard this weekend to finish my knit blanket so I can move onto my next project- I want to do a pink and white baby blanket using the leftover white yarn from my knit blanket, and the rose colored yarn of the same type I got super cheap off of Amazon.

Hopefully sometimes Monday I’ll be posting photos of my finished knit blanket too!

More Than Halfway There

As you might know, I started crocheting a blanket a few weeks ago and I’m just about to the halfway point. I’m using ten different colors in my pattern and the pattern will repeat four times to complete the blanket. It’s just a simple rainbow, and the colors are as follows :

  • Claret
  • Cherry red
  • Carrot
  • Bright yellow
  • Spring green
  • Hunter Green
  • Royal
  • Light Blue
  • Medium purple
  • Dark Orchid

I’m just using Red Heart Super Saver yarn because I don’t mind it any, it’ll soften up a bit after I wash it, and I’m keeping it for myself. I’ve had it draped over my lap while I work and it’s pretty nice and cozy. This photo was after I finished the second pattern repeat.

I’m well into the third repeat of the rainbow, and its been mostly without snags, though my second light blue stripe was a nightmare. Every time I pulled a length of yarn out of the skein, it came with a huge knot. I finally finished it but it was with a lot of headache and after that I spent an hour untangling the remaining 2oz and using my ball winder to make a nice, neat center pull cake out of it without any tangles. I rewound all of the colors I am using after the second set of stripes was done into center pull cakes and only had one other one that gave me problems with pulling out in knots.

I did the math though and this blanket is going to cost me about $33 to make, and I’ll have 4oz of each color leftover when I’m finished. That’s more than enough to make the rainbow diamond scarf I wanted to knit before.

I also had some Amazon gift cards come in and I ordered some craft supplies this evening. I got two skeins of a yarn I’d been wanting, some silicone molds to use with polymer clay, some toggle clasps in a finish I don’t have for jewelry making, and the second official expansion deck for Cards Against Humanity. Everything but the toggles arrived on Wednesday.

The skeins of yarn turned out to be tiny, which I would have known if I had read the product description better but they’re still very pretty and I rather like them.

Slowly But Surely, Why Yes! A Blanket!

Its been about a month, most of which I have not been working on it, but I’ve got 49″ of blanket done now and hopefully a few more inches before bedtime. The biggest hurdle I’ve run into in working on it now isn’t time, (I have more time than I know what to do with most days) but the fact that at this point the blanket is large and heavy enough to be cumbersome in flipping it to work back the other direction at the end of each row. I could avoid that completely by knitting one way and purling back the other way (the whole thing is worked in garter stitch) but I am slow at knitting from right to left and I hate feeling slow at things. I’d rather flip it each row.

#bernat #blanket is more than half done now. 49″ and hopefully a few more before bed! #knitting #madebyme #crafting

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Anyway, just wanted to update on my blanket and make a post or two this week to show I am still alive! I’m really hoping to get to the 55″ mark on my knitting before this week is over. That’s another 12 rows from where I am right now. This yard is so nice and plush it gives me about a half an inch on each row I do. I’m getting about 11.5″ out of each ball of yarn, and I’m estimating that 7 balls of yarn will bring me to the end of things. I’ve currently got just a bit of teal and brown left, but almost 2 balls of white, so my last ball I buy will be in teal.

What Now?


The time since I last posted has been filled with a variety of things. I’ve finished the last of my knitting UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) with the exception of my blanket, which I’m still slogging along on. I have an informal goal to do at least 4 inches every time I work on it, but some days I don’t feel like working on such a large project. I’ve knit a few more ruffle scarves, which will be available in Raeosunshine Pets‘ auction the second week of February. I’ve listed a few random items I somehow missed in my shop, and I’ve sold an item (not made by me, sadly) that I had hanging around for ages at a much better price than I expected on eBay. I had a birthday yesterday (I’m 34 now) and I took myself shopping for new fabric, new yarn, some new knitting needles, and some meat at Mattie’s request that was “not chicken.” We eat a lot of chicken.

The fabric, once pre-washed, will be made into another pair of pajama pants for me, and I have a fun idea for a new scarf using the Edgar pattern I used with that bulky green and yellow yarn last month I think it was. I’ve got rainbows on the brain, and if you know anything about me, you probably know I love bright colors. I think after I get another few inches done on my blanket I will start on that project.

I’ve also started going through my grandmother’s cedar chest a little at a time and seeing what’s actually in there. I’ve pulled out about ten dresses and one blouse in various states of completedness, and I am betting there are others because I still see more fabrics pinned together into rolls and stuffed into bags in there. Everything I have taken out so far needs to be hemmed, only has some of its facings, a few things are damaged.

Some of the more interesting pieces in the chest. A blouse, a colorblocked dress, plaid dress with schoolgirl pleated skirt, and completed dress with rip in one sleeve.
Some of the more interesting pieces in the chest. A blouse, a colorblocked dress, plaid dress with schoolgirl pleated skirt, and completed dress with rip in one sleeve.

I’m hoping I can finish some of the dresses though it’ll likely be with bias tape or some other type of matching fabrics for facings, but need to look at them more in depth first.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Hopefully my next post will be showing you some completed items!

Its Winter, So Why Not a Blanket?

I need my own cozy blanket for TV watching, laying on my computer, and for of course on the bed. It doesn’t need to be a huge blanket, because quite honestly, Mattie almost never gets cold, but I figured a twin sized one would be perfect.

After nearly a week, this is what I have done- about 23″ of blanket. It measures 58″ wide, and I’m using Bernat Blanket yarn in Mallard Wood, and Antique White. So far it’s coming along nicely, and I am hoping to get another 6 inches of it finished today if possible.

The Bernat Blanket yarn is a chenille yarn and is so thick and soft and snuggly! I knew it was exactly what I wanted to use as soon as I touched it. I did at first think about using the Sand color instead of the Antique White but when I got it home I just didn’t like it next to what I had already done so I went back to Michael’s and exchanged it for the other color. I knew I should have gone with my first instinct.

I plan on doing the stripes in random, varying sizes down the length of the blanket, probably none as wide as that first teal stripe at the bottom. That stripe is actually one entire ball of the Bernat Blanket- I got almost 12″ of blanket out of it! 😀