And Now For The Knit Blanket!

I finally finished my knit blanket yesterday that I started in January. It took forever, mostly because I put it away and ignored i for weeks at a time, but it’s finally finished now and I’m glad. Its not as flashy and colorful as my crocheted blanket but its super warm, cozy, and very plush, and it’s going to be great in winter. I just wish now I had made it a little wider as its really only twin sized.



The brown bits in the teal yarn pooled in interesting ways and the places were it didn’t pool at all are neat too due to the garter stitch. The whole thing turned out well and I feel good for having completed such a large and time consuming project- I especially feel good because I finished it! Mattie was teasing me the other day about starting and not finishing things, which was what got me motivated to complete my two blankets quickly.

Yesterday I also started a small snuggle blanket for Jami’s daughter and finished it this morning. I’ll be meeting her today to get some other yarn and make up one for her little boy as well in different colors. I’m trying to use stash yarn rather than buy any more, but I need to get another color of the Bernat Blanket I’m using for Eric’s little blanket and I figure I can make a larger one of the same colors for myself for on the couch or something after I finish his to use up the rest of that yarn. It’ll just be a lap sized one I think with less than two of the big balls into it.

Slowly But Surely, Why Yes! A Blanket!

Its been about a month, most of which I have not been working on it, but I’ve got 49″ of blanket done now and hopefully a few more inches before bedtime. The biggest hurdle I’ve run into in working on it now isn’t time, (I have more time than I know what to do with most days) but the fact that at this point the blanket is large and heavy enough to be cumbersome in flipping it to work back the other direction at the end of each row. I could avoid that completely by knitting one way and purling back the other way (the whole thing is worked in garter stitch) but I am slow at knitting from right to left and I hate feeling slow at things. I’d rather flip it each row.

#bernat #blanket is more than half done now. 49″ and hopefully a few more before bed! #knitting #madebyme #crafting

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Anyway, just wanted to update on my blanket and make a post or two this week to show I am still alive! I’m really hoping to get to the 55″ mark on my knitting before this week is over. That’s another 12 rows from where I am right now. This yard is so nice and plush it gives me about a half an inch on each row I do. I’m getting about 11.5″ out of each ball of yarn, and I’m estimating that 7 balls of yarn will bring me to the end of things. I’ve currently got just a bit of teal and brown left, but almost 2 balls of white, so my last ball I buy will be in teal.

Its Winter, So Why Not a Blanket?

I need my own cozy blanket for TV watching, laying on my computer, and for of course on the bed. It doesn’t need to be a huge blanket, because quite honestly, Mattie almost never gets cold, but I figured a twin sized one would be perfect.

After nearly a week, this is what I have done- about 23″ of blanket. It measures 58″ wide, and I’m using Bernat Blanket yarn in Mallard Wood, and Antique White. So far it’s coming along nicely, and I am hoping to get another 6 inches of it finished today if possible.

The Bernat Blanket yarn is a chenille yarn and is so thick and soft and snuggly! I knew it was exactly what I wanted to use as soon as I touched it. I did at first think about using the Sand color instead of the Antique White but when I got it home I just didn’t like it next to what I had already done so I went back to Michael’s and exchanged it for the other color. I knew I should have gone with my first instinct.

I plan on doing the stripes in random, varying sizes down the length of the blanket, probably none as wide as that first teal stripe at the bottom. That stripe is actually one entire ball of the Bernat Blanket- I got almost 12″ of blanket out of it! 😀