The Yarn Stash! Its Growing!

yarnWhen I decided to teach myself to knit, I had one skein of yarn- the pink variegated color you can see made into a tiny beanie on the right side of the image. I ended up purchasing some other yarns, namely the purple variegated color, and the dark, solid blues and purple also on the right of the image.

Then the knitting bug took hold, and I got comfortable with the whole motion of things. I went online and ordered a bunch of inexpensive yarns from Amazon. A few of them came in today, and I also went to Michael’s and picked up three more skeins since all yarn was on sale. The dark grey and the rainbow neon (called Blacklight) came form Michael’s. I also got some yellow polymer clay and some purple paint. I wanted to get some eyelash yarn there but they hardly had any and it was expensive to say the least. Suddenly my yarn stash is growing!

yarn2I still have the colors at left coming via Amazon. I am obsessed with the variegated colors right now, though that might change in the future.

I also went on eBay and bought several skeins of eyelash yarn in different colors. There were two lots of three each, one in black, and one in rainbow, and another lot of 8 skeins in 8 different colors. I plan on making a bunch of beanies with the eyelash yarn as trimming on the lower edges. This is going to be my thing for the next few weeks.

I also laundered the tiny baby beanie I made today with our clothes, and was thrilled to see it stayed together just fine thru the wash and dryer, and the yarn is even softer after washing. I’m not saying the yarn was really rough before I wanted it, but it does feel nicer now.

I also found someone who makes a 12″ size 8 circular needle so I ordered one. I’m comfortable with using the double pointed needless to finish off a beanie but I’d really like to stay on the circulars as long as possible and this will give me a pair in 16″, 12″, &  9″ which I think will be helpful.

Anyway, I’m closing this off here with one final thing- My friend Christy sent me this great link on how to use Ravelry to make a searchable database of all of your yarns, and you can even use it with their site to find new projects based on what you already own! Cool, right?

A Teeny Tiny Preemie Beanie

Friday I decided to work on a project using the scant remains of a skein of yarn I had. The knitting bug has bitten me hard to say the least but I’m having so much fun with it! This yarn was the leftovers from my very short lived attempt at crocheting, and it also made up some of the stripes (about 1/4th of them) in my practice scarf. There wasn’t a lot left, so I decided to make a preemie-sized baby beanie with it. Apparently I judged the size of my project well because there was literally only about 18″ of yarn left after I finished it!

It turned out really well and I’m quite pleased with it. I’ve added it to my shop for purchase , so you can see it by clicking the link above. I plan on doing another one Saturday while Mattie is out with his dad and probably while he is playing video games or if we watch TV. Its such an easy project to do and doesn’t take a lot of effort to do it.

I did need some help is figuring out how many stitches I needed to cast on as well as the size of people’s heads at different ages, but I found these two really helpful pages.

Bev’s Size Charts, which gives head dimensions by age and sex, as well as finished item approximate dimensions. Super helpful!

Earth Guild’s Simple Hat Calculator,  which has a handy chart for how many stitches you need to cast on depending on your knit size and the size head you want to fit. Its really easy to adjust the chart downwards into the preemie sizes mentioned in the first link as well with simple subtraction.

I told my friend Christy she helped create a monster in answering all my knitting questions so far. I’ve officially completed two projects, and I ordered some yarn from Amazon Thursday night as well as another circular needle all of which will be arriving over the next few days.