Remember This Circle Skirt?

Way back in September of last year, I whipped up this circle skirt. Right away I loved it, and I wore it quite a bit. It was fun, flirty, and if I spun around really fast, it flared straight out and made me feel like a little girl. I adored it. But as time went on, I lost weight, about 25 pounds. And as I lost weight, the skirt got looser and looser. Eventually I could literally slip it off without unzipping it, which leads to the worry that it might casually fall off of my body at some randomly decided moment. This was a problem, as I loved this skirt and wanted to keep wearing it.

Tonight I ripped out the waistband and added a few pleats to take up the slack. I actually ended up taking 6 inches out of the waist of it, and putting it back together. I feel like I did a somewhat sloppy job of it because I had previously used a French seam for the waistband attachment, but didn’t do that when I put it back on tonight, because each time I attach it with a French seam, I run the risk of losing a bit of fabric if I need to trim the edges up. Since I’m going to have to do this again in another 25 pounds, I’d rather save that for when I do it the final time.

No photos tonight, as you’ve already seen the skirt before. I do have a question for you. I am dying to stitch up a new dress, but I hesitate because I know I am going to be losing quite a bit more weight- about 35 pounds, and I don’t want to have to tear it apart in a few months and essentially sew it all over again. What I am pondering is sewing a knit dress, and cutting it a size smaller so I will “grow” into it. Thoughts?

Full Circle Skirt

Yesterday after finishing the halter top, I decided I wanted to tackle a full circle skirt. I had about 3 yards of red fabric with white polka dots, and Butterick’s 4790 has a circle skirt as part of the dress. I cut just the skirt pieces, making them a few inches shorter as I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make them the same length as they are on the dress, and stitched the halves together.
After that I cut a waistband, making it a few inches longer then needed, and started stitching it into place. I ended up ripping out quite a few stitches trying to decide how I wanted to finish off the waistband before deciding to make a button tab to overlap the top above the zipper.
Still the whole thing only took me about 2 hours from start to finish and I’m so pleased with it! I absolutely love it and never want to take it off! I also want to twirl and make it spin out like a little girl… lol. 😛 I did forget to add pockets though, which makes me a little sad, but I can always add them later. Its not hard to do.


This was my first attempt at using a part of anything pattern to make something different and it was so easy! Maybe I should see what I can Frankenstein together from my other patterns!