fabricsThe other night I found out my friend Donna from This Year’s Dozen had passed on. I only knew her online, but we had been friends for around ten years, and many times she was my crafting inspiration, and it was very sad news. The last few years she was crazy about quilting, making me want to try it too. About a year or so ago, I even purchased fabrics to start my quilt, but I never even got as far as pre-washing them. After reading the bad news, I decided I needed to start on my quilt. The hardest part of course was choosing a quilt block that would allow me to use most of the fabrics I’d already purchased, without too much more added to it.

After looking at quilt blocks at Quilter’s Cache, I finally settled on a block design that would let me use what I had purchased already, and I think I’ll only need to buy one more fabric to complete it.

What I finally decided on was the Indian Hatchet block, which will let me use different fabrics for each piece’s diagonal corners. The main fabric which is the same through each square is the one I’d need to buy still, and I am leaning towards a bright spring green in a basic plain broadcloth. Its cheap, and I will need about 7 yards of it to make this a queen sized blanket.

IndianHatchetpieceblockI really like the honeycomb-ish design the main color gives it, and it ties all the blocks together, despite the randomness of the corner fabrics. Of course first I have to cut all the squares, which is going to take an eternity. I’ll be working my way through cutting the purples I have now, and I’ll worry about getting the green fabric after I’m done with all the corner piece cutting. I’m hoping to cut through at least 1 yard of the purples every day until its done.

Other than decided to take on this new thing, I don’t have much to share. I haven’t done any other sewing lately, and probably won’t until I start on my Halloween costume, which I also still need to buy fabric for. What am I going to be? I’m not telling!


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