Today I started on my quilt. I spent a few hours cutting out the smaller 2.5″ purple squares for my quilt. I worked through two of my fabrics, cutting 3/4 of each yard into squares, and started on a third piece. After doing the math, I will need a bit less than 4 yards of my purples to complete those parts of the quilt, which is why I am only cutting about 3/4ths of a yard of each. That will still be more cut squares than I need, but not by a lot, and I’m sure I can find some use for them later on.

I also worked up a mock-up in Photoshop to see exactly how many rows and columns of blocks I need, as well as how much of my main color fabric I will need to buy to both get the quilt to the right size, and have the pattern looking the way I want it to. My quilt will be 20 squares wide by 22 squares high. It will measure 80” x 88”, and I’m going to need 6.5 yards of lime green fabric for the honeycomb-ish parts of the quilt. The green will be cut into 440 squares, and the purples I’ll need 880 squares. When I look at the numbers, I feel like I must have lost my mind somewhere along the way. Just to make each individual square, not even joining them together, I will have to stitch 880 lines of stitches. Maybe it’ll be ready Winter.  :ermm:

I still need to buy the green fabric, but I’ll be using broadcloth, so should be able to get what I need for under $20, and I also need to buy the batting, and I have no idea what that will cost me. Maybe Mattie will buy my quilt batting for Christmas. :biggrin: I also need to do some homework on things like actually sandwiching the layers, the actual quilting part, and I heard they “shrink” up a bit somewhere in the process. Guess I should find out by how much and make adjustments as needed!

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