b5011My next project will be Butterick 5011, view A. The only difference between the two of them is one is a tank top style (B) and the other is a halter neck (A). The fabric I’m using is a red and white vintage gingham that either came out of my Mom’s fabric stash from when I was a small child, or out of my grandmother’s fabric stash, which was from the 60’s and previous. I’ve actually got quite a bit of vintage fabrics in my stash, and am looking forward to giving them a life besides just sitting in my drawers. Anyway, the pattern pieces are cut and tomorrow I will pre-wash the fabric just to be sure. There are zero frayed edges on this stuff so I don’t think its been washed yet even though its probably older than I am.

I also received the stackable drawer units I ordered from Amazon thinking (wrongly) that my patterns would fit inside them. I was going to refuse the package at first and just send them back once I realized (too late) that they wouldn’t work for what I wanted them for. Then I realized they were pretty much perfect for storing my smaller cuts of cotton fabrics (and larger scraps) sorted more or less by color. I’ve got reds and pinks, yellows oranges and browns, greens, blues, purples, and black and whites.

I’m thinking about using some of the smaller pieces to practice making quilt blocks with so when my fabric order with my quilt picks comes in, I can be ready to start making the blocks for it.

Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow, after I wash a drawer full of fabrics, I’ll hopefully get started on the cutting and sewing of the new top, and hopefully it turns out cute with no weirdness like that dress had.

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