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Butterick 5011 View A Part 2

If you haven’t read the previous post, go back here to catch up. There’s a nice close-up of the fabric in that post too. 8)

I headed out to my craft room after doing the grocery shopping today and got to work on this hoping to finish it today. I followed the directions almost exactly, except where the upper part meets the lower, I used a French seam to hide the raw edges. Everything seemed to be going along nicely, until I tried it on. The back gaped something awful. There was at least 3 1/2 inches of extra fabric back there, even though I had been super careful in cutting everything and had taken my measurements just a days before.

I didn’t want to completely deconstruct the top (those French seams take time to pick out) so instead I ripped out the seam connecting the top to the bottom in an area in the center back about 6 inches wide. I already knew how much needed to come out of the back, and had pinned up the excess and was still able to pull it on and off easily, so I went ahead and cut the excess off from the upper back panel. Then using a French seam, I connected the two sides again.

That left me with a few extra inches of fabric in the bottom portion, and since I hate gathering, I made four tiny pleats to take up the excess and stitched the top and bottom halves together again. The result was very nice, no ugly spots, and it went smoothly. I still think the back sits too low, and if I make it again I’ll use interfacing in the back panel to stiffen it up a bit, but overall this was a quick and easy pattern to do and it turned out really well.
Sashi says she approves of my new top, though she’d much rather be digging a hole in one of the flower beds.


I think the bust could have been a little roomier, but for women who aren’t big on top, its probably just about right.


The back still sits low, but nowhere near like it did before, and the gape is gone! Success!

I would definitely make this again in the future when I need another cute halter top, or I may try the tank top version instead next time.

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