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And I’m Back! Kwik Sew 3740 View B

A little while back, I posted these mock-ups. I wanted to add some basic pieces to my wardrobe, things I can wear with pretty much anything, and had selected a few patterns to do that with. Yesterday evening while we were out with Mattie’s dad and brother, I received my latest (and last for a while) package from The box contained 8 cuts of fabric, including some bright turquoise velvet, black lace, royal blue and chocolate brown slinky knits, an olive drab knit, some dark blue stretch denim, and some light tan twill, both of which will make me some pants. I also got this crazy orange, yellow, black and white striped knit which I have fun plans for. But, if you peeked at the post I just linked, you’d know that. 🙂

Tonight I worked on two sewing projects. One was a plastic bag dispenser I started the other day made out of what was left of the two pink fabrics I made the reversible skirt and the reversible purse out of, and the other was a tank top using the Kwik Sew 3740 pattern I got in my box from last night. I try to use up as much of my scraps as I can, but even with using the majority of them, I still end up with tons to send to Donna every once in a while. She can use much smaller pieces then I can, and I’m glad to send them to her as I get a bunch of them together.

I actually had to tear the plastic bag dispenser halfway apart before I could finish it because I did two things in the reverse order of how I should have done them (its been a long time since I’ve made one) so had to rip out a lot of stitches and do things the right way. Next time, if I make one in the near future, I’ll remember how not to put them together.

Qwik Sew 3740 View B is a basic tank top. There’s nothing really special about it, but as I said, I need some more basics in my closet, and having a handful of simple tank tops fits in with that. I have two that I purchased at Target a few years back, one in bright pink and one in black, and I’m planning on making this pattern twice, one in royal blue and one in chocolate brown. I got as far as cutting the pieces for the blue version, stitching the front and back together, and stitching on the neck binding. Tomorrow I will add the armhole binding, and hem the bottom of it. Then if its not too hot in my craft room, I’ll be working on the brown version of the top as well. Either way I will have something to show you tomorrow evening- I still have a skirt I made a week or so ago that I haven’t shared.

I am also going to try to refashion an old shirt someone gave me that just fits badly into something wearable using this pattern. I will probably have to make a few minor changes, such as hemming the arm and neck holes rather then using binding, but I think there’s enough fabric to do it otherwise.

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you guys tomorrow with photos!

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