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Times Are Tough!

Times are tough! Maybe you can't hire me, and for some reason you can't find the right item in my shop, but you still want to help me out.

If that's the case, just use the contact form to send me an email telling me what you're looking for. My goal is to make you a happy and returning customer and to take good care of my family- both two- and four-legged.

You've got nothing to lose but the time it takes to email.

Earn Reward Points in the Shop

I’ve implemented a reward points system in the shop so you’re rewarded for your purchases. For each dollar you spend, your account will be awarded one point. Get enough points, and you can redeem them for items in the shop. It took me a while, but everything has a value now. Here’s how it works!

If you buy an item that costs $15.00, you will earn 15 reward points. That’s how you’ll gain points to your account.

In turn, you can turn around, and spend the reward points on items, which are 1 point being worth about $0.10. That means it would take 150 reward points to purchase an item that costs $15.00.

All items in the shop except for the free items, the books, and the CDs have a rewards points value, but even those items can be purchased for points- you just won’t earn any when you buy them. You can see how many reward points you will earn and how many each item will cost on each item page.

Also, I’d like to bring it your attention that you can use Bill Me Later financing in my shop. Click on the banner on the front page of the shop for more details on how it works.

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