About Kittyloaf Designs

You’ve come to this page to learn more about me and my work at Kittyloaf Designs, or at least I hope that’s why you’re here!

I am a graphic artist, with a ridiculous love of zombies, science fiction, space westerns, sewing, puppies and kittens. I know HMTL, CSS, and enough about the WordPress engine to set you up right. I can do some theme customization, create an amazing logo from scratch, set up business cards, or that sales flyer you need for the weekend. I’ve designed a few tattoos. I’ve got a few more than that. I can also design a kick-ass website for you. I also create unique, often one of a kind jewelery pieces, create handmade bags and purses from my own designs, and make other small sewn accessories.

I live in Lancaster, CA, where I spend much of my free time beading and stitching up things to sell in my shop, blogging about life in general, and watching way more bad science fiction and horror than can possible be good for me. I’m on an unending quest to find a truly frightening horror movie, but so far they just give me the giggles. I’ve also been known to take a few photos on occasion.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2002. I’ve worked doing vinyl sign cutting, creating screen printing designs, and embroidery designs. I prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator over Photoshop, as I enjoy the drawing aspect more then I enjoy the manipulative aspects of Photoshop, but can work easily in both. Unfortunately during my almost year long time spent at a franchise shop as a designer, I was unable to take samples of my work with me.

You’ve probably noticed that many of my logo designs have been for farms, ranches, and related businesses. That’s because growing up on a goat farm, many of my connections were with other farming people. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all I can do- the possibilities are limitless and I am willing to take on a variety of projects.

When I begin work on a new project, I like to discuss what it is you (the client) is looking for first. Are there any styles you really like? Are there any you don’t? Can you show me three examples of existing designs that you enjoy? These things help me better understand exactly what you are looking for and help me to bring you better initial concepts to start off with- time is money, so let’s make the best use of it that we can. This is especially true for logo design as your logo is your calling card.

You can purchase many of my jewelry, sewn items, polymer clay pieces, and now knitting in my shop. I’ve tried Etsy and eBay and looked at other options, but what’s best for me is hosting my own shop, which you can visit here.

Kittyloaf Designs is so named in memory of my cat Lucky. Though I only had him for about three years, he made a very lasting impression on me and is greatly missed.